Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back from vacation

We have actually been back for nearly a week but I have not had time to look through our vacation photos. I know you are all (all 4 of my readers lol) thinking - what is her problem it can't be that hard to take care of 3 kids and still have plenty of time to edit photos. lol Anyway, we didn't go very far because as we all know gas ain't cheap! We went to Staunton and Charlottesville. We then took the Blue Ridge Parkway and came home via Harrisonburg. As a child, I usually spent our roadtrips with my head stuck out the window just in case I felt the urge to heave my lunch......so the windy mountain roads were not too pleasant on my poor stomach. You'd think I'd be used to these windy mountain roads by now....nope! Enough about my stomach.....on to the good stuff!!

This cabin was near the end of the Blue Ridge Parkway at Humpback Rocks. It is an old mountain farming exhibit. I thought the color photo just didn't do this image justice so I ran the Pioneer Woman's Vintage action on it. I LOVE it!


Nichole said...

Man that view is AMAZING!!!!! I hate that it's sooo flat here.

Mary Ann said...

Looks like fun! I LOVE PW's actions too!!!!

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