Monday, February 9, 2009

Beautiful day

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining and the temps were well above freezing! It was very nice to be able to go outside and not see snow! Oh yeah, it was my birthday too! What an awesome present!
I have us on a pretty tight budget so I told my husband that I didn't want anything. But I knew he wouldn't listen. haha He took us all out to lunch at CJMaggie's and then we went shoe shopping. Sweet baby girl has outgrown all of her dress shoes and I needed a new pair of casual, everyday shoes. I really hate to buy anything for myself. I always end up feeling guilty but I really needed shoes. Luckily the shoes I liked were on sale! I found a cute pair of shoes for sweet baby girl that were on sale also! So we ended the day with new shoes for the girls and nothing for the boys. I didn't feel too bad because the boys ALWAYS get something. haha
The final surprise was an ice cream cake from DQ! I love me some ice cream cake! haha

I was blessed with one more gift before the day ended. My first opportunity to photograph the moon! I think I did okay. I really need to invest in a good tripod though!

Life is good!

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