Saturday, May 2, 2009

Appalachian delicacies

I did not grow up in Canaan Valley. I actually spent the majority of my childhood in Marietta, Ohio. I moved to WV after graduated from high school. When I came to WV to visit my family during spring breaks I would often here them talking about ramps. I was just a kid so I didn't think anything about it. It wasn't until I was much older that I had my first encounter with ramps.

My husband grew up here and is a self-professed Appalachian man. lol My husband and his family LOVE ramps, I on the other hand do not. My only association with ramps is the type you drive a car onto when you need an oil change. I was told by many people that the aroma of ramps was not at all pleasant. So, when he said he was going to hunt for ramps I was less than thrilled. I soon experienced the knock out aroma of ramps. OH. MY. GAWD. Let me just say when Spring rolls around and my husband disappears for a few hours on the hunt for the elusive ramps, I duck my tail and run the other way. But I am not one to forbid him from eating his prized catch. lol Luckily he is kind enough to cook them outside. ;)

Although I am not fond of ramps, I am extremely fond of another elusive Appalachian delicacy.
Can anyone tell me what this delicious little nugget is?


Nichole said...

Um....a shriveled up testicle???

No, um..a mushroom?

and what is a ramp? I'm curious, I'll have to google it!

Tina said...

You are too funny! It does look rather nasty doesn't it? haha

Tina said...

Nobody wants to play?? Nichole is right in that it is a mushroom. Does anyone know what kind of mushroom?

Nichole said...

Uh, the kind you don't eat?? lol

Tina said...

HAHA! You are such a smarta**! Since you seem to be the only one reading my blog, it is a morel mushroom. :)

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