Thursday, May 28, 2009


The weather has finally improved enough to plant the garden. It has been so cold here at night that our garden was put on hold until it warmed up a bit. I am soooo happy we were able to plant the garden on Memorial Day.


Mary Ann said...

Yay! It looks like you all have a big garden. What did you plant? I planted mine a few weeks ago but don't have much space so we only planted a few tomato plants, a few squash, and a few cucumber plants. My garden didn't do so well last year because it doesn't get full sun. I really hope it does better this year.

Tina said...

Our garden is about 20' by 30'. We planted tomatoes, peppers, corn, cabbage, onions, and cucumbers. We still have to get squash. This is the first year we have had a garden here. I hope it does okay.

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