Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snowy photo tour

The snow just won't quit here in Canaan Valley. We are expecting another 6-12" this week. At least the snow makes for some nice photo ops!

I have never seen Blackwater Falls completely frozen. I survived the treacherous walk down to the second overlook. I didn't attempt to go completely to the falls. It would have been much easier going down with skis. lol

I love the white of the trees and windmills against the gorgeous blue sky. The windmills were covered in ice.


Nichole said...

LOVE the windmills!!!

Angela said...

I would love to see Blackwater Falls all frozen over! Did they have the path cleared of snow to get down to the first over look? If not I'd never make it down there or back up! lol Not a skier.

You should put the windmill picture on a postcard! That sure is a sight to see too!

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