Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chasing waterfalls

It rained hard yesterday morning so I knew the creeks would be raging. I needed to try out my new filters so I headed to Big Run. The creek didn't disappoint! However, I really need to practice photographing waterfalls. I only got one that I was okay with you. The icing on the cake were the wild flowers! I was very surprised to see the wild bleeding hearts and trilliums were in bloom.


Dempsey.bill said...

So pretty! Love them all!

Louisiana Belle said...

Gorgeous photos! Made me smile.

Angela said...

I love waterfalls! Beautiful picture! Where is this waterfall? We'll be staying in Canaan in June and I'd love to see this one. We've been to the Douglas Waterfall that is off the beaten track and it is just gorgeous. Wish they would clean up around it through.

Happy Easter!

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