Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another snow day

This has been a bad winter so far. It started in November and let up some in December but January has been horrendous! I think the ground has been blanketed with snow the entire month! It is good for the ski resorts, not so good for the schools. We have had more snow days than I can count. As a child I loved snow days and could not understand why my Mom hated them. Well now I know! It is soooo hard for me to come up with something to do to keep the kids from killing each other! I have ideas for crafts and projects. The problem is the kids complete them in 10 seconds flat! (Maybe not 10 seconds but at least 10 minutes.) I would send them out to play in the snow but that turns into a fiasco as well. I usually have to go out and dig a screaming silly boy out of a snow pile that his big brother buried him in. Oh the joys of a snow day. Wish me luck! And if you have any ideas for some child diversion tactics please leave me a comment. I'm desperate. There is no way I could homeschool! lol

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