Sunday, February 20, 2011

Painted tulip

I was at Lowe's Friday and they had pots of tulips on sale for $1! I LOVE tulips. The tulips were completely open so I cut them and put them in a vase on my table. I don't think I can plant them this Spring. I don't know much about planting tulips though. So if anyone out there with a green thumb knows more about tulips than me, I would love to know what I can do with the bulbs.

I took this a few minutes ago while it was very overcast and snowing outside. I used the light from my patio door but I still had to bump up my ISO to 640 resulting in alot of noise. So I ran a couple of actions and added a texture. I really like the result!


Christy said...

Very pretty! My husband was born in WV. He keeps promising me he'll take me there one day. Have a great day!

Nance said...

Beautiful. Y, you can plant this tulip this Spring. It is not ideal; far better to plant in the fall of 2010 so that it blooms this spring. But since you can't do that, better to plant it now then not at all. If you plant it come March or April, it may or may not bloom in the spring of 2012 but hopefully it will be alive and ready for the next spring to come along. But, hey, I'm not an expert so call your local garden center.

Granny Sue said...

How beautiful. Your photo looks like a master's painting.

I agree with Nance--go ahead and plant them. They won't bloom this year, of course since they've already done that, but you might got some blooms next year. Lucky you to get them for $1!

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