Thursday, March 3, 2011

Photo contest

I plan to enter a few photos in a local photo contest this Spring. I would love your opinions on my choices!

People category:

Places or Things category:

Monochrome category:

Wild and Wonderful WV category:

I can't decide which category to enter this one. Is it too manipulated to put in the Flowers category or should I put it in the Creative category? Creative category description -- any subject, color or monochrome, digitally altered as desired. Flower category -- photos of real flowers inside or outside.


Strawberry said...

Wow!!! They all are so awesome!!! Yes, the flower can be in the creative category ;) great job!!

Louisiana Belle said...

All excellent choices! As for the flower, can you enter in both places? If not, I'd probably enter in Flower.

Tina said...

Thanks Amy and Gail!

Gail -- I can only enter one photo per category. I have never entered a photo contest before. Is it not too manipulated to enter into the photo category??

Tina said...

That should say....enter into the flower category. ;-)

Granny Sue said...

I looked through going wow! the whole way through. These are perfect representations of what WV is. Beautiful work!

Jennifer said...

Didn't have time to look at your photos due to Miss Sarah's teething. Like the ones you picked! Creative...or flower category.... you pick... I like creative.

Anonymous said...

All are excellent choices. You have a good eye and a lot of talent. I wish you much success and hope you have a clean sweep. I especially like the deer photograph. Nice composition and very compelling.

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